Part of what makes Austin amazing is the eclectic collection selection of experiences available nearby. We will take a look at a few of these events to give you an idea of the events that are available for you to explore. The events covered are by no means the only things happening with in the city. One of the better problems Austinites often run into is the plethora of difficult choices. Having to decide which events to attend is a welcome problem for most, this post will take a glance at a few festivals that happen during the Spring.


Zilker Kite FestivalKitefest

Held on the first Sunday of March (weather permitting) this event kicks off the beginning of a multitude of other events. Featuring a friendly and welcome environment for pets and children everyone is welcome to join in the fun.

This event features a kite contest, vendor booths, and the photogenic vision of an Austin skyline filled with kites.


Eeeyore JennaEeyore’s Birthday

If ever there was a festival that captures a portion of the mantra that encapsulates the city of Austins’ motto “Keep It Weird” this would be that festival. Having just celebrated 50 years, Eeyore’s Birthday takes place at Pease park (sic) during the last Saturday of March this event encourages participants to dress in their most creative costumes and come out to the park to play.

Local vendors, jugglers, drummers, unicycle jousters, jugglers acro yogis, hula hoopers, free spirits, adventurers, wayward travelers, observers and participants come together for an event that is sure to leave a lasting impression one way or another.






Hands down the 100lb Gorilla of all events in the Music Capital is South by Southwest. A music film and tech conference merging with festival elements make this event a major draw for the city of Austin.

Whether you are a tech startup company, an artist promoting film, working in the television, music, or film industries, a fan of art,or just looking for an excuse to celebrate, SXSW will be able to accommodate. This event takes place in March every year and brings in over 120+ million dollars in gross revenue to the city of Austin and it’s local businesses.